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(2) - innocent_play
OK, so I just returned from a conference for work in my home state, where I just moved back. This being my first conference, I was very eager to meet people in my profession in the area. And, no, not just because the young ladies of my work are gorgeous and totally my type. Aw, fuck it, I'm a librarian--and I'll tell you that the stereotypes of the hot librarian are totally true.

Much of the conference, I was professional and focusing on work. Seriously, I do enjoy my career, even if I'm not really compensated enough. But I will tell you that I was immediately seeking out the young newbies like myself. And so were they. Pretty soon, we had a good group going, and we would hang out in between sessions and talk about whatever. I was enjoying talking with them all, and just being in the presence of attractive, professional-looking young women is a wonderful thing all by itself.

After all the sessions for our main evening, we congregated together again and agreed to go to the hotel room of E. (oh, by the way, no real names here, hahaha) to play games and get to know one another. E. was wearing a burgundy blouse with a nicely patterned vest, which, in addition to framing her breasts nicely, served as a lovely backdrop for her long, straight brown hair. She had talked a lot about dating geek guys, and was definitely single.

On the way into the hotel, E. joked about having to go first into her room to make sure nothing "exotic" was left out. Then she reversed and said, "But I'm all dressed up like a Victorian tonight," to which I responded, "Are we going to see some ankle tonight?"

The rest of our group included J., a very geeky guy who seemed pretty shy when we got off the subject of librarianship, A., a friendly but pretty conservative librarian working for a Catholic college, two best friends whose names I didn't catch, both girls from town who were wearing hoodies and were mostly hanging on. And, my favorite, L., who was the total stereotypical hot librarian, skinny, glasses, mousy brown hair, wonderful easy smile, professional grey jacket and blouse, and this cute cute black skirt with stars and comets in different colors. She had sat next to me in the Reference seminar earlier in the day, and I just melted getting to be next to her. Her legs were especially lovely, and she wore these cute shoes which showed off toes half painted purple. Of course she was married. Dammit.

Up in the room, we had games but never opened them, we just talked, all lounging on the two single beds comfortably. Although L. fingered the deck of playing cards in a way that made me want to suggest strip poker. The ratio was great, five girls to two guys (not that I don't like boys, in the right situations!)

Now, before I go to far in this, I'm going to disappoint you right away and tell you that nothing happened. For one thing, we're all new to each other, a couple of us were married, conservative, or both, and for the rest, well, I couldn't tell. I wanted it to degenerate into a hot librarian orgy--but then, that's what I always want. :)

We talked for a while about nothing important, snow storms, our drive to the hotel, what our hotels were like, things like this. Then we got to the subject of our speaker for the banquet, who, while talking about funny reference questions, had hesitated before turning to reference questions about sex, out of fear that people in my Midwestern state would freak out. Of course, that's not at all true, and we encouraged him to go on. In the hotel room, that was permission to go on and talk about sex and dating. Just a little, a tantalizing little bit.

It was an amusing time, talking about our awkward high school trysts and complicated college relationships. I enjoyed listening to E. talking about her group of boyfriends and girlfriends, all sleeping around with each other and getting involved in the drama of it all.

Then, as these things always do, it petered out. Once midnight hit, E. kicked us all out, and we returned to our places. But I wondered, if I had found an excuse to hang around as everyone was leaving, if E. and I couldn't have talked more. I'm very much subtlety-impaired, and am very bad at knowing when I'm being flirted with or just being talked to. What do you all think? I'd be very interested in getting some real feedback on this one.

But all things told, it was a very good time! I learned a lot, got to spend some time with some cute boys and girls, and had fun. Maybe next year, I'll get laid! How does one get laid at a conference? It happens all the time, but I don't know how to make it work. I'm too much a "nice guy" in those siutations. :P

This is all right, though--I get my fun. I'll be sharing all of that right here. And asking questions. And stuff. But now I do laundry.

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